“Return of the Dinosaurs” Exhibitions Europe

Return of Dinosaurs Exhibitions Europe

Return of the Dinosaurs has been in the nineties a serie of exhibitions that passed through the major natural museums, exhibition centers and halls in main cities of Europe. Behind the huge commercial success that lasted almost a decade was a Spielberg movie, a book, a factory manufacturing fine robot technology and a danish firm that got the rights to explore the exhibition in Europe. I´ve been lucky enough to work marketing and communication for this company and during several years in one way or another give support or manage the exhibitions on venues in Denmark, Germany, France, Italy and Spain: Tivoli, Copenhagen; Naturkundemuseum, Berlin; Paris, Lyon, Parc Floral, Nice; Roma, Lokschuppen, Rosenheim; Porto Pi Centro, Palma; Centro Larios, Malaga. Great work and personal experience.


October 07, 2013

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